I am working on a Platformer Sandbox game designer that will allow users to easily drag and drop components to make their own exciting platform games. Still in early beta but I added some new components today.



Click PLAY GAME. If You Do Not See Game Screen Turn Off Add Blocker Please! (2)

Hosted by the Scirra Arcade (3) (4)

Spelunker Platform Game Designer Beta.

Create platform games using the ready made components, enemies, collectibles and switches.

Play the demo game by clicking PLAY on far right menu.

Player Controls:
Arrow keys move, jump and slide player.


Click E key to open editor. 

Left click on any object in sand box and Right click to place it on game screen.
Click on Erase or D key in menu and click on any object on game screen to erase it.
SPACE BAR resets cursor to normal in Edit mode.

Click on PLAY to work on your project in zoom mode.

Delete the objects in the demo game or use them to start your game.

NEW resets the entire game to beginning of Demo game.

SAVE or S Key in menu to save your game for later play. Only one game slot for now.

 LOAD or L Key in menu to load your game.

Click RESET to reset player to start of game and reset health and score.

NOTE:  Use SAVE often as you edit. When you open the PLAY screen click S key to Save.

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